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JUNGLE COMICS (1940-54) #59
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PUBLISHER: Fiction House
COMMENTS: Joe Doolin bondage cvr; Kiefer art (rare issue)
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Joe Doolin bondage cvr; Kiefer art (rare issue)
Cover art by Joe Doolin. Untitled story, art by Marcia Snyder; Kaänga is tricked by the leader of a band of pearl thieves into freeing two of her accomplices from the lake dwellers. Untitled story, art by Henry Kiefer; Wambi's friend, Lari, is expelled from his tribe because he will not participate in a ritual devised by the witch doctor Gwanda, in which an elephant is tortured to death; Wambi helps him return to his village and exposes the witch doctor as a coward. Untitled story, art by Howard Larsen; A witch resurrects the body of the recently dead chief Ma Wali and sends him on a murderous rampage through the village. Untitled story, art by Richard Case; During a drought, Simba drinks all the contents of a small pool of water in order to have the strength to defeat the rhinoceros that has claimed a larger pool. "The Tribes from Nowhere" text story. "The Antelope"; Brief natural histories of the waterbuck, the white tailed gnu, the klipspringer, the red fronted gazelle, the sable antelope, Grant's antelope, the beisa oryx, and the kudu. Untitled story, art by Richard Case; Terry rescues the kidnapped daughter of a sultan.