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ZAGO, JUNGLE PRINCE (1948-49) #3
VG/F: 5.0
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COMMENTS: Kamen Good Girl art
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Kamen Good Girl art
In order of appearance: "Zago Jungle Prince, Circle of Cruelty!"; "Insect Bombers" reprinted from Eagle (1945 Rural Home) #2; "Tales From the Old Scout"; "Zago Jungle Prince, The Silver Spear of Death!"; "The Eagle Scouts of Rosedale, U.S.A featuring Billy, Ernie, and Pee-Wee, Four of a Kind!" reprinted from Eagle (1945 Rural Home) #2; and "Out Where the West Begins!". "The Winds of Jungle Doom" text story. Indicia states "ZAGO".

Artist Information

Jack Kamen was an American illustrator for books, magazines, comic books and advertising, known for his work illustrating crime, horror, humor, suspense and science fiction stories for EC Comics, for his work in advertising, and for the onscreen artwork he contributed to the 1982 horror anthology film Creepshow.