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STRANGE WORLDS (1950-55) #3
VG-: 3.5
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PUBLISHER: Avon Periodicals
COMMENTS: Wood, Frazetta, Krenkel, Orlando art; double headed space dragon cover (6/51)
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Wood, Frazetta, Krenkel, Orlando art; double headed space dragon cover (6/51)

Artists Information

Frank Frazetta was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, LP record album covers and other media. He is often referred to as the "Godfather" of Fantasy Art, and one of the most renowned illustrators of the 20th century. He was also the subject of a 2003 documentary "Painting with Fire".

Wally Wood is an American comic book artist/ writer who is also one of the founding artist for Mad comics. In addition to penciling numerous comic book pages, Wally also ventured into product illustration, music album covers, and trading cards. Wally's most notable works include the aforementioned Mad comics, Marvel's Daredevil, and Weird-Science Fantasy for EC comics.

Williamson is an American comic book artist who specialized in Western, Adventure, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Joseph "Joe" Orlando was an Italian American illustrator, writer, editor and cartoonist during a lengthy career spanning six decades. Orlando began his career as Wally Wood's assistant in 1949 and by 1951 was a regular staff artist at E.C. Comics, creating stories for many of their titles, notably providing the artwork for the story Judgment Day in Weird Fantasy #18, an early commentary on racial injustice. After E.C. Orlando would contribute to the Warren magazines Creepy and Eerie, providing both artwork and editorial input. At DC in the 60's Orlando would co-create the Inferior Five and Swinging with Scooter. DC moved Orlando into editorial where he would work for most of the rest of his career, working on numerous titles he would revive horror comics with House of Secrets and House of Mystery. It was Orlando who encouraged Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson to create the Swap Thing in House of Secrets #92. Orlando also worked in toy design, packaging and advertising; sales of Sea-Monkeys escalated considerably after Orlando drew a series of unusual advertisements visualizing the creatures' enchanted and peaceful undersea kingdom. He would eventually become the associate publisher of Mad and the vice president of DC Comics, where he edited numerous titles and ran DC's Special Projects department.

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