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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #106 Cover
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SOLD ON:  Monday, 08/13/2012 11:09 AM
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COMMENTS: John Romita pencils, Frank Giacoia inks.
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John Romita pencils, Frank Giacoia inks.

"Revealed! The Face of Peter Parker! How does our hero get out of this?" An awesome John Romita Sr. cover drawn in the mighty Marvel manner! When one looks at the long lineage of pencilers who took the reigns after Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko left the title, John Romita, the quintessential Spider-Man artist's name rises to the top of that long and illustrious list. Romita created the look of Peter Parker and Spider-Man that set the standard for decades to come.

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You are peering at a priceless piece of American Pop Art! The market for original comic art has soared over the last ten years. Original comic art covers have lead the way. The realization of how rare it was for the art to survive and its one of a kind quality have truly resonated with the collecting community. Romita's art is highly prized and continues to appreciate with new records being shattered every year.

The art has all of its original stats and other than a stain on the Spider-Man logo is in immaculate condition.