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MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972-85) #25 Cover
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COMMENTS: 11" x 17" pencils by Gil Kane and inks by John Romita and Frank Giacoia; signed by Romita
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11" x 17" pencils by Gil Kane and inks by John Romita and Frank Giacoia; signed by Romita

Gil Kane effortlessly swapped from helping design the influential streamlined atomic-age look of Silver Age DC to acting as one of the main architects of the clean, dynamic, punchy style that defined the house look for Marvel's Bronze-era covers. It's no surprise that collectors go mad for the art from this prolific period, which showcased Kane's flawless sense of space and composition with the kid-friendly, accessible lines of the Marvel mainstays like Romita, Giacoia, and others. This image is practically tailor-made to grab at the pursestrings of Marvel maniacs, boasting not only two of the most iconic heroes of the period, but featuring the instantly awesome Ape-Man front and center, not to mention the whole shebang happening atop an endangered roller coaster - it's like the editor just took the three things he knew would sell a book and demanded them all at once, and Kane delivered, in spades. Original pasteups are still intact. If this image doesn't get your blood pumping, brother, you're not paying attention.

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