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ADVENTURE COMICS (1938-83) #384 Cover
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COMMENTS: Win Mortimer pencils, Murphy Anderson inks; 11" x 17"
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Win Mortimer pencils, Murphy Anderson inks; 11" x 17"

Silver Age fans and Superman collectors are going to love this charming image, which perfectly captures the whimsy and panache of DC's late Silver Age, when no plot was too outlandish, no image too outrageous for their everything-but-the-kitchen sink approach to storytelling. Penciled by one of the unsung heroes of Silver Age comics, journeyman artist Win Mortimer, and inked by the legendary Murphy Anderson, this cover manages to combine the graceful style of Supergirl's light adventure with the stoic, barrel-chested, vigorous world of the Man of Steel. Still operating on the notion that Supergirl's younger, more girl-oriented audience would swoon over tales of romance and heartache, DC's staff writers often placed the Kryptonian damsel into boy-centric entanglements, as with this obviously doomed matchmaking attempt. Part of a collection of art saved from DC's notorious cover-cutting measures by a longtime staffer, Silver Age covers such as this are few and far between, and collectors of rare DC art are sure to to set their hearts on this lovely example.

Art is in excellent condition.

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