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COMMENTS: L. B. Cole painting on framed canvas for the 1981 Multicon program; 15" x 31"; comes with original program
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L. B. Cole painting on framed canvas for the 1981 Multicon program; 15" x 31"; comes with original program

Mainly known for his vibrant and memorable cover designs for such titles as Suspense Comics and Contact Comics, Cole illustrated over 1,500 covers in total throughout his long-spanning career. In 1981, he contributed this piece of sinister fantasy art to be used as the cover for the Oklahoma City Multicon's program book. Reproduced on the program's cover, this striking graphic surely left an impression on that early con's attendees. This illustration, featuring a leering devil sitting atop a pile of human skulls and a scantily-clad maiden in peril, is a classic design that remains powerfully eye-catching and shiver inducing all at once. This bold piece of comic book history will make an impressive addition to the collections of fans of Fantasy, Horror, Occult, Erotic or Comic Book art across the spectrum.

Original program in NM 9.4 condition.

Artist Information

Leonard Brandt Cole was a comic book artist, editor, and publisher who worked during the Golden Age of Comic Books, producing work in various genres. Cole was particularly known for his bold covers, featuring what he referred to as "poster colors"—the use of primary colors often over black backgrounds. In addition to his covers, Cole did interior art for comics published by Holyoke Publications, Gilberton, and Ajax/Farrell. He also worked as an editor for Holyoke in the 1940s. Cole's comic book career started in the early 1940s, mainly as a cover artist for titles such as Suspense Comics (Et-Es-Go Magazines) and Contact Comics (Aviation Press). He soon became known for his distinctive covers: examples include the covers to Mask Comics #1, Mask Comics #2 (Rural Home), Contact Comics #12, and Captain Flight Comics #11 (Four Star Publications). An avid science fiction fan, Cole was known for slipping in sci-fi elements even when they weren't appropriate, such as rocket ships and ray guns appearing on the covers of Captain Flight Comics and Contact Comics. During this time, Cole created the character "Wiggles the Wonderworm" who appeared in five issues of Taffy Comics, published by Rural Home/Orbit Publications. In 1949, publisher Novelty Press sold its characters and artwork to Cole, who was the cover artist for Novelty's Blue Bolt Comics. Using his new assets, Cole began Star Publications, which operated from 1949 to 1955. After the closure of Star, Cole continued doing cover illustrations, many for Classics Illustrated Junior. In the early 1960s, Cole was art director and editor at Dell Comics. He gained further recognition when comic fandom grew in the late 1960s and through the 1970s. In 1981, he created a new painting that was featured on the cover of the 11th edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. During this same time, he began selling re-creations of his classic covers. In the early 1990s, Ernie Gerber published his two-volume Photo Journal Guide To Comic Books which featured on its covers a number of Cole's covers. As a result, the demand for Cole's work increased dramatically.