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2nd part origin Spectre; 1st app. in costume; classic bondage cvr
Edgar Church / Mile High Copy
Highest Graded
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2nd part origin Spectre; 1st app. in costume; classic bondage cvr
Edgar Church / Mile High Copy
Highest Graded
While his gruesome origin story began in the previous issue, the cover of this classic installment heralds the real arrival of the Spectre, and the first appearance of the character in his distinctive costume. Easily the darkest and most atmospheric of DC Golden-Age comics, the Spectre, acting as the spirit of vengeance, was the murky, moody cousin to the publisher's typical bright and peppy hero entries, and became the cult favorite of hardcore Golden-Age collectors. Brooding and brutal, with a distinctly surreal edge, Spectre covers and appearances continue to entrance collectors, and the evocative image gracing this issue should provide an idea as to why. More Fun Spectre issues are the caviar of the Golden-Age hero world, and never fail to excite and entice collectors.
This astonishingly preserved copy, from the revered Edgar Church/Mile High pedigree, may be the single-most-gorgeous Golden-Age DC in existence. Rich, deep color and striking blacks absolutely pop on this incredible highest-graded treasure. Spectre covers are coveted by GA collectors and there's no doubt that this unbelievable artifact will generate intense interest and bidding in the weeks to come.

ÿýOverstreet Guide 2014 NM- (9.2) value = $82,000.ÿý

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