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Schaffenberger, Kurt - WHIZ COMICS #130 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: Pg. 8 of Ibis story by Kurt Schaffenberger, pencil and ink on 22.5" x 14.5", bondage water torture panels
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Pg. 8 of Ibis story by Kurt Schaffenberger, pencil and ink on 22.5" x 14.5", bondage water torture panels

Great Zoth! On auction, we present a surviving portion of a Golden Age story illustrated by the heralded Kurt Schaffenberger. This is quite a lovely selection from which to choose for any would-be bidders. The pages feature the Great Prince Ibis in an exciting adventure where he and his "gal Friday" Taia investigate the mysterious death of several geologists. Upon transporting to Los Padres where a volcano blast has suspiciously destroyed the entire village, the duo is met by a boy too frightened to flee, who relates the story of molten rocks falling from the sky and transmogrifying into a destructive assembly of human torches.

Ibis the Invincible equips his party in flame-retardant asbestos armor to protect the trio against the mysterious flame men from the Earth's core. Golden Age art like this is exceptionally rare, surefire to make any fan want to grab their Ibistick and grant themselves a winning bid on all this amazing page.

After regaining consciousness for a second time in this story, Ibis the Invincible awakens to find himself and his friends lashed to stakes in the ground, The trio discover the Flame Men intend to drown them, as that is the only way the fiery bad guys can be defeated themselves, but instead of extinguishing Ibis' life-force, the water allows him to loosen his bonds, free his teammates, and spy on a meeting of the blazing baddies.

Artist Information

Kurt Schaffenberger's first job in comics came in June of 1941, when he was assigned to inking backgrounds for a 'Captain Marvel' story for Fawcett. After the war, Schaffenberger joined the studio of C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza, and his work expanded by becoming a featured artist on 'Ibis the Invincible', also by Fawcett. Schaffenberger was hired by DC Comics in 1957 to become the artist on 'Lois Lane'. From there, Schaffenberger became a regular contributor to the entire Superman comics line. He later became a frequent artist on the anthology series 'The Superman Family'. Schaffenberger also created artwork for DC's Shazam! series after C.C. Beck's departure. In 1968, Kurt Schaffenberger succeeded Jim Mooney as the artist on the 'Supergirl' feature.