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DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #38
CGC G/VG: 3.0
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COMMENTS: crm/ow pgs, tape on int. cvr & cf
Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson cvr/art; origin & 1st app. Robin (Dick Grayson)
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crm/ow pgs, tape on int. cvr & cf
Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson cvr/art; origin & 1st app. Robin (Dick Grayson)
One of the most important issues of the Golden Age, Detective Comics #38 marks the promising debut of the best-known sidekick in the history of comics: Robin, the Boy Wonder! Dick Grayson, ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne, lends a hand to the Dark Knight when just one hero won't do. Created in 1940 by the team of Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson, Dick Grayson's tragic backstory concerning his similarly slain parents made him the perfect companion for the ominously orphaned Bruce Wayne. Robin attracted younger readers and doubled the sales of Bat-comics thereby solidifying the Batman mythos that would continue to grow in popularity through today. There have been many different iterations of the teenagers to don Robin's trademark yellow cape, red suit, green boots and gloves but there will only ever be one original Boy Wonder. Bob Kane's signature style depicts an exuberant Grayson bursting onto the cover and into legend.
Collectors looking for attractive copies, without breaking the bank, would do well to cast an appreciative eye over this copy, whose bright colors and striking cover image make it well worth pursuing. It presents much nicer than its certification and is one of the nicer G/VG copies you'll come across. Though his presence on the silver screen has been lacking of late, fans would be wise to invest now as the Cardinal-Crested Crusader's time is just over the horizon. We've noticed that copies of this key issue are getting harder and harder to come by.

Overstreet Guide 2016 G/VG (3.0) value = $12,000.

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