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STAR WARS #35 Cover
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COMMENTS: Carmine Infantino pencils, Bob Wiacek inks; 11" x 17"
Darth Vader chess cvr
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Carmine Infantino pencils, Bob Wiacek inks; 11" x 17"
Darth Vader chess cvr

Today, a comic book artist's career can be over quick. Modern readers tend to be a fickle lot, fraught with only the shortest terms of memory as they'll easily forget anything more than a few years old. While publishers chase after the next fad or the next movie property, many of the comic book greats of the past thirty years find work, instead, in storyboarding or illustration as the industry has passed them by. Not so in the Bronze Age, which was truly the golden age of comic art, as older, first-generation masters continued to work alongside the up-and-coming artists that were changing the face of the industry.

ÿýThe legend Carmine Infantino, continuing to develop his architectural style at Marvel, contributing to titles both classic (Captain America, which he started on all the way back at the tail end of the Golden Age), and retro (Star Wars, for which he came to define the look of the Lucas universe in comic form for a generation). Infantino's clean, assertive pencils found exciting new life under the inks of burgeoning talents such as Bob Wiacek and Joe Rubinstein, and the old hand rose to the occasion with a newly symmetrical approach that was perfect for the narrative thrust of late-70s/early-80s Marvel. Infantino's Darth Vader cover on issue #35 was an instant classic, and we're delighted to offer it here. ÿý

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