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Biro, Charles - STAR COMICS #6 Cover
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COMMENTS: Charles Biro pencils, inks and signed; 1937; matted 20" x 26"
Jon Berk Collection
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Charles Biro pencils, inks and signed; 1937; matted 20" x 26"
Jon Berk Collection

Mainly recognized for his admirable sixteen-year run on Daredevil Comics, Charles Biro was the artist responsible for creating the "crime" comic genre, and in doing so, left a mark that would not be forgotten. Even a layman can plainly see in this whimsical cover illustration, Biro was a man with a broad palette of skills, easily navigating between realistic hard-nosed gangster tales, to action-packed superhero titles, and even to the world of comicbook comedy. This wonderful cover from Star Comics #6 is a fun little piece that almost makes you forget you are looking at the work of a master craftsman. The graphics are neat, clean, and direct, as not a line is wasted, and only the necessary amount of detail is provided to tell the story, or deliver the pun as it were. If your tastes in Golden Age art run into the realm of humor then this piece should hit that sweet spot, and it sure would look sweet in that spot up on your wall.

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Artist Information

The artist behind the original Daredevil at Lev Gleason Publications, Biro got his start working on Crime anthologies for the company. Also known for his work on Airboy and Steel Sterling. One of the standout artists of the Golden Age.