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Sienkiewicz, Bill - MOON KNIGHT #7 Cover
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COMMENTS: Bill Sienkiewicz pencils, inks and signed; 1981; 11" x 17" center text pasteup on vellum
Jon Berk Collection
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Bill Sienkiewicz pencils, inks and signed; 1981; 11" x 17" center text pasteup on vellum
Jon Berk Collection

Everyone at ComicConnect agrees, Marvel's Moon Knight character doesn't get the credit he deserves. From his spooky debut in Werewolf by Night #32 as Jack Russell's nemesis, to his well-loved run in his own title starting in 1980, Moon Knight has always been an under-the-radar hero but remained consistently engrossing to readers that stuck with him. Bill Sienkiewicz came into his own as a comicbook illustrator with Moon Knight. His clear Neal Adams influence is apparent in his pencils but as the title continued, Sienkiewicz started to expand his own style, encompassing a more graphic/fine art approach that would later include masterworks like Stray Toasters and Legion (now a hit TV series).

This cover from issue #7 is a great example of Sienkiewicz' mastery of pencil, brush, pen, depth, and foreshortening. His realistic drawing style sets him apart from most of his contemporaries of the time. Sienkiewicz art is in high demand and original published pieces, especially covers, are extremely hard to find. The sky is the limit on this piece, but whatever it sells for will be considered a steal in five years.

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Artist Information

Illustrator known for his impressionistic and groundbreaking abstract style, most closely associated with Moon Knight and The New Mutants, Sienkiewicz is a standout artist in comics, employing different medium for his art than the common comics book pencil and ink. He helped breathe an individual personality into Moon Knight who was previously regarded as Batman in white clothing. His work on Frank Miller's Elektra: Assassin is one of the peak achievements in 80's comics, Bill has worked in other fields besides comics, including album covers and Magic: The Gathering cards to name a few. Considered one of the great artists to rise out of the Bronze Age.