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PUBLISHER: Lev Gleason
COMMENTS: white pgs
SCARCE; Daredevil cvr/story; Baily art (7/41)
Edgar Church / Mile High Copy
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white pgs
SCARCE; Daredevil cvr/story; Baily art (7/41)
Edgar Church / Mile High Copy
Okay, so the Silver Streak's origin is kinda convoluted and odd and it involves car racing and taxis and a Swami and resurrecting the dead and listen, here's all you need to know: as usual, Lev Gleason gathered a wildly diverse array of art styles and talents in one slam-bang book, then let them loose on stories obviously concocted on strong coffee, lots of smokes, and hurried huddles at the automat, lending the Silver Streak's adventures the delirious white-knuckle thrill of a fever dream, or a gloriously cheap B-movie serial. Coveted by collectors, this series didn't exactly sell like crazy, and had low print runs from the get-go, so if you're hankering for rarity, uniqueness, and strong bragging rights, you can't really beat this gonzoid hero series, a cult favorite since nearly the day it hit the stands.

Artists Information

Jack Ralph Cole was an American cartoonist best known for creating the comedic superhero Plastic Man, and his cartoons for Playboy magazine.

American comic book artist and co creator of DC characters the Spectre and Hourman.

Richard "Dick" Briefer (January 9, 1915 – December 1980) was an American comic-book artist best known for his various adaptations, including humorous ones, of the Frankenstein monster.

Hard living Bob Wood illustrated comics for MLJ, Harry A Chesler,and Lev Gleason between stints in jail and a premature death. He worked primarily on crime genre comics.