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Kirby, Jack - FOREVER PEOPLE (1971-72) #25 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: Pg. 25; Jack Kirby pencils, Mike Royer inks; 10.5 x 16
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Pg. 25; Jack Kirby pencils, Mike Royer inks; 10.5 x 16

Jack Kirby's legacy as a master illustrator/storyteller is unmatched in comic books and pop culture thus he was slapped with the moniker, "King". Kirby started his career as a teen in the 1930s and is arguably the most prolific and influential comic book illustrator and innovator ever. In the 1970s Kirby famously left Marvel for crosstown rival DC and created a host of great characters and titles that he scripted, edited, and illustrated including his line of Fourth World titles The New Gods, Miracle Man, Kamandi, and the Forever People. This gorgeous page from Kirby's brilliant Forever People #9 showcases his incredible artistry and unique style. Cowboys and aliens well before "Cowboys and Aliens"! Jack Kirby penciled the page with Mike Royer providing inks.

Artists Information

Jack Kirby is called 'The King of Comics' for a reason, during his career that spanned six decades he gave us many of the most iconic characters the medium would ever see. From his introduction of Captain America at the height of World War II it was clear he wasn't your ordinary comics artist. But it was his creative explosion at Marvel Comics in the 1960's that cemented his legacy, over a short period of time Kirby would give us The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, Thor, Ant-Man and Nick Fury just to name a few. Kirby would then go to DC and create his Fourth World, introducing Darkseid, Mister Miracle, The New Gods and a host of cosmic supporting players. Long live The King.

Mike Royer is an American comics artist and inker, best known for his work with pencilers Russ Manning and Jack Kirby. In later life Royer became a freelance product designer and character artist for The Walt Disney Company.