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ACTION COMICS (1938-2011) #130
VG/F: 5.0
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COMMENTS: Canadian
scarce; Congo Bill (3/49)
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scarce; Congo Bill (3/49)

Artists Information

Swan was a house artist at DC working on titles like Tommy Tomorrow, he began gravitating towards Superman and his related books, Superboy, World's Finest and Jimmy Olsen, he would eventually leave DC thanks to his personality issue with Editor In Chief Mort Weisinger. He would eventually return and go on to be the artist that defined the look of Superman in the Silver Age, eventually becoming the editor of the title, but after thirty years of keeping up standards of all things Superman, Swan was given the boot in favor of John Byrne's Superman reboot, Swan's comic work began to taper off after this dismissal and he eventually retired, but will forever be recognized as the Silver Age Superman's finest artist.

Lubber was an accomplished Big Band trombonist who studied art by day and played music at night five days a week, He started working in comics at Centaur, and after the war he began focusing on strip art, where he was known for his work on Tarzan, The Saint and Secret Agent X-9, he ended up at Marvel in the 70s before retiring.