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Jack Kirby - THOR (1966-96; 2009-11) #177 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: Pg. 4; Jack Kirby pencils, Vince Colletta inks; image size 10" x 15"
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Pg. 4; Jack Kirby pencils, Vince Colletta inks; image size 10" x 15"

When talking about original comic book art, the one name that everyone knows is worth its weight in gold is Jolly Jumping Jack "the King" Kirby! He was the definitive master and one of the most-prolific illustrators in the comic book industry, where he worked steadily for over 50 years. Up for grabs here is a striking page penciled by Kirby and inked by the venerable Vince Colletta, famous for his run on the Mighty Thor! Action abounds with a seldom-seen appearance of Thor riding a horse. Kirby pages are always in demand and we've seen pieces like this get snapped up for a premium.

Artists Information

Jack Kirby is called 'The King of Comics' for a reason, during his career that spanned six decades he gave us many of most iconic characters the medium would ever see. From his introduction of Captain America at the height of World War II it was clear he wasn't your ordinary comics artist. But it was his creative explosion at Marvel Comics in the 1960's that cemented his legacy, over a short period of time Kirby would give us The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, Thor, Ant-Man and Nick Fury just to name a few. Kirby would then go to DC and create his Fourth World, introducing Darkseid, Mister Miracle, The New Gods and a host of cosmic supporting players. Long live The King.

Vince Colletta is an american comic book artist/ art director who's best known for inking Jack Kirby's work during the Silver Age of comic books. Colletta began his career working on a host of 1950's romance and western comics before making the move to Marvel where he would ink some their earliest stories, including The Fantastic Four, Journey Into Mystery/Thor and Daredevil. He would go on to DC where he inked Kirby again on a host of Kirby's Fourth World titles in addition to work on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and an almost 70 issue run on Wonder Woman.