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Bissette, Stephen R. - SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING (1982-85) #35 Double Page Spread
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COMMENTS: Pgs. 2-3; Stephen R. Bissette pencils, John Totleben inks; 21.5" x 15"
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Pgs. 2-3; Stephen R. Bissette pencils, John Totleben inks; 21.5" x 15"

The Nuke-Face Papers, Part 1

Artists Information

Stephen R. Bissette is an American comic book artist best known for his work with Alan Moore on their groundbreaking run on DC's Swamp Thing. A graduate of the first class at the Joe Kubert School of cartooning Bissette worked on a number of horror comics before landing Swamp Thing. In the years that followed he was an early champion for creators' rights and launched his own Spiderbaby Graphix which published the horror comics anthology Taboo and his own series Tyrant, a comic book biography of a Tyrannosaurus Rex which lasted only four issues. Bissette retired from comics to focus on teaching in 1999.

After a childhood in Erie, Pennsylvania spent consuming a steady diet of comics, monster magazines, and monster movies, John Totleben went to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art where he met Stephen Bissette. Together they worked on Bizarre Adventures followed by Swamp Thing, which they drew for almost three years. Totleben is best known for his illustrative work on Alan Moore's Miracleman. His other credits include 1963, Vermillion, and The Dreaming.