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AVENGERS, THE (1963-96; 2004) #198 Cover
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COMMENTS: George Perez pencils (signed), Terry Austin inks; Roy Richardson mixed media colors; 11" x 17"
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George Perez pencils (signed), Terry Austin inks; Roy Richardson mixed media colors; 11" x 17"

This is the original cover art for Avengers #198, vintage 1980, drawn by George Perez, inked by Terry Austin, and signed by both. One of their finest and best-known cover collaborations, it features the Avengers battling Red Ronin or "Ronan" as spelled here. This mighty robot was built to do battle against Godzilla before falling under the control of the evil Dr. Cohen. Running amok, the Avengers must find a way to overcome his power. Inspired by Japanese super robot toys and comics of the 1970s, he's a colorful antagonist for Nick Fury's team of heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Jocasta, the Vision, the Beast, and Wonder Man.

The rampaging robot is shown towering above the New York City skyline with the Avengers struggling against him in dramatic disarray. It's a metaphoric symbol, perhaps, of the rampant commercial success of Japanese technology in the American market at the time. In any case, he's got an expressive face for a mechanical monster, and this is an impressive Avengers collectible, as well as an internationally attuned bit of pop culture, with vivid colors and striking composition showing the Earth's Mightiest Heroes pitted against a giant robot samurai warrior long before the Transformers came on the scene.

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