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John Buscema - CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1970-93) #162 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: Pg. 14; John Buscema pencils and inks; 10" x 15"
from the story, Destroyer in the Flame
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Pg. 14; John Buscema pencils and inks; 10" x 15"
from the story, Destroyer in the Flame

Feast your eyes upon some classic barbarian action as John Buscema illustrates and inks this fantastic page featuring the ghoulish Jergl Zadh and the dreaded Brotherhood of the Falcon pitted against Conan and Fafnir. As the two adventurers hide in the tall grass from their pursuers, they run afoul of a pit of angry snakes which quickly engulf everyone's favorite Cimmerian. Rendered with stark simplicity that highlights the muscular characters, this page showcases Buscema's ease and familiarity with his subject matter, as the renowned artist had been creating Conan tales for literally hundreds and hundreds of pages up to this point. Fans of Conan can never get enough his exploits, and we here at ComicConnect are pleased to be able to offer three different pages featuring Sword and Sorcery action in this auction.

Artist Information

'The Michelangelo of comics'. Buscema was one of the mainstays of Marvel Comics during its 1960s and 1970s heyday, best known for his run on the The Avengers and The Silver Surfer, and for over 200 stories featuring the sword-and-sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. In addition, he penciled at least one issue of nearly every major Marvel title, including long runs on two of the company's top books, Fantastic Four and Thor.