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Wagner, Matt - BATMAN: THE MAD MONK #1 Cover
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COMMENTS: Matt Wagner pencils and inks; image size 10.25" x 16"
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Matt Wagner pencils and inks; image size 10.25" x 16"

Paying an obvious homage to the beloved and iconic cover to Detective Comics #31, this Matt Wagner cover for Batman and the Mad Monk #1 succeeds at capturing the same mood and intensity of the most memorable of all Golden Age Bat covers. The series Batman and the Mad Monk is part of the Year One Batman storyline, and expands on the Golden Age tales that the cover so lovingly tributes. Illustrator Matt Wagner was the creative force behind the cult classic Grendel and worked on Neil Gaiman's Sandman series as well as other projects for DC. This is an impressive piece of Modern Age comic art that references the good old days of yesteryear, masterfully rendered by a skilled artist, this cover is truly the best of both worlds, certain to be a favorite of current day Bat-fans and Golden Age admirers alike.

Artist Information

Wagner is an American comic book artist and writer, most well known for his creations Grendel and Mage. He has also contributed memorable work to Batman, The Demon, Zorro and The Shadow.