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X-MEN (1963-2011) #600
NM+: 9.6
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COMMENTS: white pgs; Arthur Adams variant
Bendis script
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white pgs; Arthur Adams variant
Bendis script

Artists Information

Chris Bachalo is a Canadian/American comic book artist/creator who's known for his cartoon-like style. Fans instantly recognize his art as he has worked for a number of publishers including DC, Image and Cliffhanger. Bachalo is most known for his work on Neil Gaiman's Death and is also famous for his work with Marvel where he co-created the comic Generation X and also penciled the famous X-Men story, Age of Apocalypse.

Wade Von Grawbadger, is a comic book artist who's mainly known for his inking work with Marvel and DC comics. Wade's most notable works include DC's Starman and Marvel's New Avengers.