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To the Victor the Spoils
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glossy! white pgs
To the Victor the Spoils

Artists Information

José Marzán Jr. is an American comic book writer and artist. Over his career he has worked on many titles including Action Comics, Final Night, Marvel Comics Presents, Nightwing and Y: The Last Man. He was the regular inker on The Flash for over nine years, from issues 38 (May 1990) to #151 (August, 1999), through many penciler changes.

José Delbo is an Argentine comics artist. He is best known for his work on Wonder Woman for DC Comics and The Transformers for Marvel Comics. His first work for DC Comics appeared in The Spectre #10 (May–June 1969). Delbo became the artist on the Wonder Woman title with issue #222 (Feb.–March 1976) and drew the series until #286 (Dec. 1981). Delbo taught at The Kubert School from the 1990s until 2005. After moving to Florida, he taught at a "cartoon camp" program for school aged children in Boca Raton.