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THOR (1998-2004) #25
NM/M: 9.8
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Artists Information

Richard "Dick" Giordano was an American comics artist and editor whose long and prosperous career included introducing Charlton Comics' "Action Heroes" stable of superheroes and serving as executive editor of DC Comics. He worked on a wide range of titles over the years, including Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Teen Titans, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Action Comics among countless others. His style was very much in the Neal Adams mold, making him a popular go-to artist in the 70s and 80s.

Dan Jurgens is American comic book artist/ writer who's best known for his work on the Death of Superman and co-creation of Doomsday, Hank Henshaw, and Booster Gold. Dan's most notable works include the Adventures of Superman, Action Comics and the Sensational Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.