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Boring, Wayne - SUPERMAN (1939-86; 2006-11) #93 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: Pg. 22; Wayne Boring pencils, Stan Kaye, inks
Pg. 9 of 10 from the story, Jimmy Olsen's Double!
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Pg. 22; Wayne Boring pencils, Stan Kaye, inks
Pg. 9 of 10 from the story, Jimmy Olsen's Double!

Wayne Boring...what a misnomer, as this gifted Golden Age talent is anything but his namesake. Witness his skillful linework, and the fluidity of his storytelling, perfectly paced from panel to panel, along with his longtime collaborator, Stan Kaye, who provides the inks on this impressive page, Boring was one of the talented artists that helped to shape the Man of Steel into the iconic figure of truth, justice, and the American way that he is today.

This page is from Superman #93's second feature, titled "Jimmy Olsen's Double," and it is in these panels that our Kryptonian hero has to make a quick decision about which plummeting photojournalist to pluck from peril. Executed with great skill by the underrated Boring, this classic piece of Superman art is sure to see some heavy competition when it comes up for auction. Superfans take note!

Artist Information

Wayne Boring is a legendary American comic book artist who's best known for his work on the Golden Age era of Superman and to this day is considered among the top fifty artists to make DC Comics great. Wayne began on the Superman comic strip and in the mid-1940s transitioned over to the main comic book title where he introduced such long standing pieces of canon as the Fortress of Solitude and Bizarro World. Boring would go on to create backgrounds on Hal Foster's Price Valiant from 1968 - 1972 and would draw several titles for Marvel Comics.