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Grell, Mike - GREEN LANTERN (1960-86) #110 Cover
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COMMENTS: by Mike Grell; image size 10" x 15". Considered by many to be the ultimate Grell Green Lantern cover.
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by Mike Grell; image size 10" x 15". Considered by many to be the ultimate Grell Green Lantern cover.

"Beware my power Green Lantern's Light." Never have those words carried more weight than when you look at this cover from 1978. Hal Jordan is literally ripping his costume apart to show that the symbol of will is burning into his chest and Ollie the Arrow can do nothing but watch in horror in the background. Mike Grell's pencil work, along with the beautiful inks of Tatjana Wood, bring you the pain that Hal can barely stomach. This piece also teases a secondary story which stars Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. The bonus imagery of Scott surrounded by flames with the words "The Doom of Dragon Fire" underneath is enough to coax even the casual reader into buying this action-packed issue.

Mike Grell and Tatjana Wood's teamed talents bring true emotion to the page, and to your mind. The duo of gifted artists makes you feel Hal's pain just as clearly as if your own brand of power was burning you alive. Look at Alan Scott down there, that's sheer determination on his face letting you know that the secondary story is an obvious barn burner. Grell has gone on to make a lasting impression on the comic book world with his masterwork on Green Arrow's Longbow Hunters series, and Wood earned accolades for her amazing runs with Grant Morrison on Animal Man and Alan Moore's Swamp Thing.

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