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FLASH COMICS 1940-49 #1
CGC G: 2.0
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COMMENTS: off white pgs; cvr dtchd, dried glue spine cvr; pc out 27th pg, affects story
Origin & 1st Flash, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder; Comic Book Impact rating of 9 (CBI)
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off white pgs; cvr dtchd, dried glue spine cvr; pc out 27th pg, affects story
Origin & 1st Flash, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder; Comic Book Impact rating of 9 (CBI)
Flash Comics boasted some of the most distinctive and finely drawn covers of the Golden Age, thanks to the skill of artists such as Sheldon Moldoff. His malleable style worked well both for children's cartoon comics and action-packed hero books, and here his fine line and deft sense of drama create an exciting and memorable cover image. A wonderful design from a true master that communicates the character's super skills with a few simple details, such as the sense of speed created by motion lines and the path of the bullet fired by the thug in the foreground. These elements all combine to form a perfect introduction to the newly minted hero.

The importance of this issue is often understated as it introduced the world to two of DC's biggest names, characters that continue to bear fruit today, The Flash and Hawkman. The current version of the Flash has a successful TV series that was renewed for a ninth season, as well as various cameo appearances and an upcoming feature film in the DCEU.
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Flash Comics #1 introduced the world to the Flash, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Whip, and Shiera Saunders. This is a historic Golden Age key, only matched by monumental issues like Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, and Captain America Comics #1. Less than 100 copies of this book are recorded on the CGC Census, proving how rare of a treasure this issue is. This example earned a 2.0 CGC Universal Grade, with off-white pages. This copy has a detached cover, dried glue on the spine of the cover, and a piece out of page 27, which affects the story. These imperfections cannot detract from the beauty and historic significance of this book. The Sheldon Moldoff cover has great eye appeal, with the red and the yellow of the background, the logo, and the Flash's outfit all appearing just as crisp as they did over 80 years ago. The central image of the Flash running to save a damsel in distress from gangsters and stop a speeding bullet is still sharp and uninterrupted, despite the wear on the rest of the book, which presents much better than its given grade. A 2.5 copy of Flash Comics #1 sold for over $50,000 in 2019, and the collectibles market has skyrocketed in the two years since. This is an amazing piece of comics and pop-culture history.

Overstreet Guide 2021 GD (2.0) value = $21,400

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