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Atlantis Attacks
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Atlantis Attacks

Artists Information

Mark Bagley is an American comics artist. He has worked for Marvel Comics on such titles as The Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, New Warriors, and Ultimate Spider-Man and for DC Comics on Justice League of America, Batman and Trinity. Bagley won his first job at Marvel by winning the contest in the Marvel Try-Out book in 1983.

Tom Christopher is an American comic book artist who's best known for his seven year run on Marvel comics Silver Surfer. Tom has also notably worked on DC titles such as Batman and Superman.

José Marzán Jr. is an American comic book writer and artist. Over his career he has worked on many titles including Action Comics, Final Night, Marvel Comics Presents, Nightwing and Y: The Last Man. He was the regular inker on The Flash for over nine years, from issues 38 (May 1990) to #151 (August, 1999), through many penciler changes.

Keith Williams is an American comic book and comic strip artist. He is best known for illustrating The Phantom for over a decade together with George Olesen. He also worked on Superman with John Byrne. Since Paul Ryan took over the Phantom strip, Williams has mainly worked in comic books, like Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Buckaroo Banzai and Domino Lady from Moonstone Books.

Jim Valentino is an American writer, penciler, editor and publisher of comic books, best known for his 1990 – 1992 work on Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Comics, and for co-founding Image Comics, a company publishing creator-owned comics.