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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #66
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Romita cvr/art; Mysterio app.; Green Goblin cameo
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ow/white pgs
Romita cvr/art; Mysterio app.; Green Goblin cameo
Cover art by John Romita. "The Madness of Mysterio!", script by Stan Lee, pencils by John Romita (layouts) and Don Heck (pencils), inks by Mike Esposito (as Mick Demeo); Mysterio has broken out of prison and is using his special effects prowess to prepare another plot to get revenge against Spider-Man; Meanwhile, Spidey recovers his clothes and camera left in the debris following his fight with the Vulture; The next day he tries to sell the pictures to Jameson; Furious that Parker "abandoned" him when he was supposed to be taking pictures of Spider-Man's battle with the Vulture, he throws Parker out of the building, telling Peter that he doesn't need him to take pictures; Appearing on television, Mysterio issues a challenge to Spider-Man to meet him to a fight to the finish or he will start destroying city bridges. Guest appearance by the Green Goblin (a subplot continued in the Spectacular Spider-Man 2 magazine in 1968). Romita cover. Reprinted in Marvel Tales #49. Letter to the editor from comics writer Tony Isabella.

Artists Information

Don Heck was an American comics artist best known for co-creating the Marvel Comics characters Iron Man and the Wasp, and for his long run penciling The Avengers during the Silver Age

John Romita was one of the driving forces behind Marvel's Silver Age, he took up the reins on Spider-Man following the departure of Steve Ditko with issue #38. Romita's run on Spider-Man would be long and significant, introducing characters including Mary Jane Watson, the Kingpin and many others. He would be a major contributor to the entire Marvel line throughout the 1970s including designing the look of The Punisher.