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WOLVERINE (2003-10) #73
NM/M: 9.8
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Adam Kubert motorcycle cover
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investment grade
Adam Kubert motorcycle cover
Cover by ADAM KUBERT. Written by JASON AARON and DANIEL WAY. Art by ADAM KUBERT and TOMMY LEE EDWARDS. Covers by ADAM KUBERT and TOMMY LEE EDWARDS. TWO STORIES over TWO ISSUES! Each tale begins in WOLVERINE #73 and concludes in #74...as the WOLVERINE comic book makes a change you won't believe... 'A DAY IN THE LIFE' PARTS 1 AND 2-Superstar WOLVERINE artist ADAM KUBERT returns, joined by superstar WOLVERINE writer JASON AARON! Experience a day in the life for America's favorite mutant-a day packed with action, women, villains, costume changes and beer. Ever wonder why Logan keeps himself so busy these days? The answer lies within. 'ONE PERCENTER' PARTS 1 AND 2-Meanwhile, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS writer DANIEL WAY is joined by MARVEL 1985's TOMMY LEE EDWARDS in a prelude to DARK WOLVERINE! Logan wants to get the hell out of New York, and he's in no hurry to get back to San Francisco, either. So he gets on a motorcycle and takes the long way home. But home for Logan isn't in a secret underground headquarters-it's in a fight, with his hands wrapped around the neck of somebody who's got it coming.