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Raymond, Alex - RIP KIRBY Strip Art
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PUBLISHER: King Features
COMMENTS: Alex Raymond pencils, inks, signed and dedicated; 08/22/50; image size 18.5" x 5.5"
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Alex Raymond pencils, inks, signed and dedicated; 08/22/50; image size 18.5" x 5.5"

After the end of WWII revered strip artist Alex Raymond went back to work in the industry he helped shape, but instead of relying on tried and true characters he'd illustrated before the war, he started up a new title, that strip was called Rip Kirby, and it featured a suave, intelligent detective who solved crimes with his wits more often than with his brawn. The popular strip would go on to run for over four decades, winning over a loyal readership right up until its cancellation in 1999.

The strip on offer here at auction shows Kirby negotiating with a suspected gold digger on a beach as lovely women in bathing suits provide a welcome distraction in two of the panels. Raymond's obvious talents are on full display, as his veteran skills move the story along from panel to panel, providing the reader with cinematic angles and transmitting complex plot points with a minimum of effort. The page is signed and dedicated by Raymond.

Artist Information

Cited as an inspiration to many artists, American cartoonist Alex Raymond was greatly known for creating Flash Gordon in 1934 which was adapted into film and television.

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