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FLASH, THE 1959-85 #105
CGC NM-: 9.2
SOLD ON:  Tuesday, 12/10/2019 3:04 PM
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COMMENTS: crm/ow pgs; tied for second highest!
Infantino cover/art; 1st Silver Age Flash in his own title; origin and 1st app. Mirror Master (2-3/59)
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crm/ow pgs; tied for second highest!
Infantino cover/art; 1st Silver Age Flash in his own title; origin and 1st app. Mirror Master (2-3/59)
Having proved the viability of reviving Golden Age heroes with several top-selling Showcase appearances, DC editor Julius Schwartz, alongside the creative team of Carmine Infantino and John Broome, dusted off the original Flash Comics title and streamlined it for the Atomic Age. It's amazing to ponder, in comparison with the modern-day penchant for rebooting titles, that this re-introduction was a truly risky venture in the painfully crunched Silver Age comic market. It's unsurprising that DC carefully attached this shiny new Flash to the history of the original to reassure buyers and newsstand owners alike that this was a proven property. It turns out they need not have worried, as this issue cemented the hero resurgence and a flood of new cape books soon washed over the market.

Having heralded an essential comic-book renaissance, this book has a special place in the hearts of avid students of comic history and you really couldn't ask for a more impressive specimen. With positively striking reds and yellows that aggressively draw the eye, the intense heat of this cover truly pops, this copy is quite remarkable. One of the second-highest graded known to man, this book is as bright and shiny as the wondrous rewards that awaited comic readers inside this pivotal issue.

Overstreet Guide 2019 NM- (9.2) value = $32,000.

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Artists Information

High School of Art & Design alum Carmine Infantino got his start in the industry working Timely, a precursor to Marvel Comics, where he would do spot work on anthology features, in his first work at DC he helped create Black Canary and began his long-running involvement with the Flash during his Golden Age era, as well as illustrating the original Green Lantern. After the post-war comic book slump Infantino collaborated with writer Robert Kanigher and editor Julius Schwartz to help bring back superheroes and launch the Silver Age by updating the Flash in the pages of Showcase, the reboot was a huge success and led to the superhero rebirth that has continued into the modern day, Infantino's ability to capture speed and movement on a page made his Flash believable and engaging. Carmine was promoted to Art Director and then Publisher at DC over the course of his illustrious career,

Joe Giella is an American comic book artist best known as a DC Comics inker during the late 1950s and 1960s Silver Age of comic books. Giella's career began in the 40's at Hillman and later working with C.C. Beck on Captain Marvel stories at Fawcett. He would also assist on Captain America, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner and other stories at Timely. It was the Silver Age where he would come to his most prominence, working at DC on many of their biggest titles, including Batman, Green Lantern and Strange Adventures, working often with artist Carmine Infantino.