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X-MEN (1963-2011) #107
CGC NM/M: 9.8
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1st full app. Starjammers
Key Comics Collection
Highest Graded
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1st full app. Starjammers
Key Comics Collection
Highest Graded
The Starjammers make their first appearance in X-Men #107, the space pirates bringing their variety of characters and bravado to the cosmic realm of Marvel, no doubt this team of intergalactic swashbucklers would be right at home in the MCU's current space opera wing. This book also features regular X-Men player Liliandra Neramini, and her brother D'Ken, who is determined to use the M'Kraan crystal to grant himself absolute power over his alien race, it is this crystal that ignites a chain of events that threathen to destroy the very fabric of the universe, and will forever alter the fate of the X-Men and Jean Grey.

This NM/M copy of X-Men #107 is one of the highest graded in the land which sustains its rich and chaotic palette splendidly with sharp edges, and inks that appear freshly printed.

Artist Information

David Emmett Cockrum was an American comics artist known for his co-creation of the new X-Men characters Nightcrawler, Storm, and Colossus as well as the antiheroine Black Cat. Cockrum was a prolific and inventive costume designer who updated the uniforms of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He did the same for the new X-Men and many of their antagonists in the 1970s and early 1980s.