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GREEN LANTERN (1990-2004) #10
NM+: 9.6
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Bring in the Clowns
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Bring in the Clowns

Artists Information

Joe Staton started at Charlton Comics, then worked briefly at Marvel before being bought out by DC. He illustrated such events as the death of Earth-Two Batman and the JSA's origin. Over the course of his career, he's worked on Showcase, Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes, Metal Men, The Huntress, The New Guardians, Green Lantern, and Green Lantern Corps.

Bruce Patterson is an american comic book artist who began working for DC comics as an inker and letterer for Marvel in the late 70's. Over the next two decades he continued his work with the two major publishing houses as an inker/letterer and sometimes penciller, occasionally doing cover art. Bruce's most notable works include Action Comics and the Invincible Iron Man.