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flip book w/Scarlet Spider
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flip book w/Scarlet Spider

Artists Information

Penciler, Inker, and Cover artist for DC, Marvel, Caliber, and Dark Horse Comics.

Mark Buckingham is most famous for his work on Marvelman (Miracleman, in the USA), Hellblazer, and Fables, including a story in the original graphic novel 1001 Nights of Snowfall. His Marvel work includes inking Chris Bachalo's pencils on Generation X, Ghost Rider 2099, and penciling Paul Jenkins's run on Peter Parker: Spider-Man. For DC Comics, Buckingham has inked the two Death miniseries and was the original penciller on the Titans series. In the 1990s Mark shared a studio with The Beano and Marvel artist Kev F. Sutherland, working together on Marvel's Star Trek and Doctor Strange.

Kyle Hotz is an American comic book artist and writer. Hotz's work has appeared in series published by Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics. Hotz graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts in 1993. After finishing school he was hired by Malibu Comics (later acquired by Marvel Comics) to illustrate the superhero comic Night Man. He was soon noticed by Marvel, who employed him on titles such as Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider 2099 and two Carnage one-shots. He went on to draw most of the popular Marvel characters, such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Venom. In parallel with his Marvel work, Hotz drew several mini-series for independent publishers such as Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing.

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