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Gil Kane - MARVEL PREMIERE (1972-81) #17 Cover
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COMMENTS: Gil Kane pencils, Dick Giordano inks, John Romita alterations; image size 10" x 14.5"
Iron Fist
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Gil Kane pencils, Dick Giordano inks, John Romita alterations; image size 10" x 14.5"
Iron Fist

Fans of Iron Fist take heed. The cover from Marvel Premiere #17 presents the martial arts superhero in all of his muscular glory. Just two issues after his first appearance, the inimitable Danny Rand shows why he was such a popular character when he burst onto the scene. Cashing in on the 1970's fervor for all things chop-socky, his combination of Kung-Fu action and supercharged heroics quickly won over readers who would soon be rewarded with an Iron Fist series, then the character would go on to team up with Power Man, Luke Cage, for a successful run in the 1980s.

Gil Kane's kinetic style was a perfect fit for the newly minted hero, as Iron Fist explodes onto this cover in dramatic fashion. The sense of danger is heightened by the two pistols in the foreground, framing the nascent hero as he smashes his way through a group of lackeys, no doubt on his way to confront a bigger and badder villain within the comic's pages. The lukewarm reception of Iron Fist's Netflix series has done nothing to curtail Danny Rand's popularity among Bronze Age comic book fans. When you take his loyal fanbase into account, along with the always-popular Kane's artistic flourishes, this is one butt-kicking cover piece that would make a wonderful addition to a collector's portfolio.

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