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Keith Pollard - THOR (1966-96; 2009-11) #289 Cover
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COMMENTS: Keith Pollard pencils, Chic Stone inks; image size 9.75" x 15"
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Keith Pollard pencils, Chic Stone inks; image size 9.75" x 15"

This cover, penciled by the prolific and skilled hand of Keith Pollard and inked by Chic Stone, one of Marvel's most-reliable bullpen artists, is a true classic of the Bronze Age. The action-packed melee on the Rainbow Bridge leading to Asgard is a thrill to behold, one that was guaranteed to move copies of this venerable title. Thor has maintained his position of prominence in the Marvel Universe due to his epic adventures that span the cosmic realm as well as his inclusion in the Avengers' team exploits, making the Thunder God a popular property that has proven his staying power through the changing times of the industry. This awesome cover shows Thor battling a Destroyer that is inhabited by the spirit of his paramour, Sif, as her vulnerable body lays behind the two powerful foes while an avalanche of warriors descends upon the struggle from the golden realm of the gods. This exhilarating piece is sure to be a popular lot amongst Thor fans and Bronze Age art collectors alike.

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