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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #300
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SOLD ON:  Monday, 08/03/2020 12:20 AM
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Todd McFarlane cvr; origin & 1st full app. Venom; last black costume
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white pgs
Todd McFarlane cvr; origin & 1st full app. Venom; last black costume
What happens when you pair a disgraced suicidal journalist with a vengeful homicidal alien? More than a recipe for disaster, what happens is you get Venom. Celebrating a milestone 300th issue, Amazing Spider-Man writer Dave Michelinie and legendary writer/artist Todd McFarlane introduce us to Venom, although he is not Spider-Man's ultimate archnemesis, he is perhaps one of his greatest threats. The symbiote, who made its first appearance in Marvel Secret Wars #8, was spurned by Peter Parker after the hero realized its malicious nature. The alien then finds and envelops Eddie Brock, a failed journalist who harbors an uncontrollable hatred for Parker. Venom is the monstrous mirror of Spider-Man, a hulking grotesque figure with sharp teeth who is sometimes depicted with an abnormally large tongue. His physical attributes are equivalent to Spidey’s but, unlike his other foes, Venom has the ability to block his Spider Sense making him twice as formidable. Venom has enjoyed a huge amount of success outside of the ASM, appearing numerous solo books throughout the years and in virtually every TV show or video game related to Spider-Man. Venom’s most recent success was 2018's self-titled movie debut, making his first appearance a high-valued collectible.

Artist Information

Todd McFarlane is a Canadian comic book artist, writer, and entrepreneur who is one of the founding members of Image comics where he created Spawn. In addition to being credited for co-creating Eddie Brock (Venom), Todd also founded Mcfarlane toys and an Entertainment company of the same name. Todd's other notable works include Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman: Year Two.