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AVENGERS, THE (1963-96; 2004) #346
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1st appearance of Starforce - "Assassination" Operation: Galactic Storm Part 12 of 19. Script by Bob Harras. Pencils by Steve Epting. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Steve Epting and Tom Palmer. Story continues from Wonder Man 8. Earth's Mightiest Heroes have battled their way across Kree-Lar and are now within striking distance of the capitol citadel of the Kree empire! Inside the majestic edifice, Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn plot the empire's next move vs. the Shi'ar and listen to Ronan's plan to recapture the Avengers! However, unbeknownst to the Kree rulers and the alien invaders from Earth, the Supreme Intelligence is orchestrating the drama that is about to unfold!

Artist Information

Tom Palmer is an award winning American artist best known for extensive work for Marvel Comics, including well-remembered runs paired with pencilers Neal Adams on The Avengers and Uncanny X-Men; Gene Colan, on titles such as Doctor Strange, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula; and John Buscema, on The Avengers. He also inked the entire run of John Byrne’s X-Men: The Hidden Years, and has influenced later generations of inkers like Klaus Janson, Josef Rubinstein and Bob McLeod.