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CGC VF-: 7.5
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COMMENTS: crm/ow pgs; second highest 1 of 1!
classic Red Skull cvr
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crm/ow pgs; second highest 1 of 1!
classic Red Skull cvr
Yeah, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that's a Captain America comic. With the Red Skull on the cover. But, you know, horror. Trying to dress up the Super Soldier like he's some kind of Halloween novelty act. It's depressing but true: by the late 1940s, superhero comics were suffering a dramatic drop in sales, as young readers matured into dime store novels, newspapers, and radio comedies, and the new batch of kids, jaded by years of dad-less wartime existences in crushing poverty, proved too cynical to buy into the exploits of costumed do-gooders. DC responded by sacking nearly their entire cape lineup and retreating to funny animals and westerns, while Timely noticed the sudden rise in interest of horror comics and rebranded their entire line as Weird this and Astonishing that. This is the beginning, a truly bizarre amalgam of 1940's hero adventure and newfangled horror storytelling, as this really odd cover wraps around three gruesome tales that have, well, almost nothing to do with Cap. Like, at all. Dark days ahead. Thanks to low print runs, these issues, catnip for hardcore Cap fanatics, are crazy hard to track down, so when you see one, jump on it!
This copy of Captain America Comics #74 is a comely, bright and solid 7.5, second highest on the census, so yeah, its a rare book.

Overstreet Guide 2019 VF- (7.5) value = $10,563.

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