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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #129
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classic Kane/Romita cvr; 1st app. of the Punisher (from our count, Punisher has appeared in 1,456,673 Marvel comic books)
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classic Kane/Romita cvr; 1st app. of the Punisher (from our count, Punisher has appeared in 1,456,673 Marvel comic books)
Highest Graded
After more than a decade as Marvel's friendly neighborhood front man, the amazing web-slinger swings into the Bronze age with renewed fervor. This issue marks the first appearance of the Punisher. Created by Gerry Conway as the Assassin, but renamed by Stan Lee, and depicted in all his vengeful prowess by Gil Kane, Ross Andru and John Romita Sr, the Punisher would quickly become one of Marvel's most popular and enduring anti-heroes. Relevant to big city crime problems and Mafia activity of the turbulent 1970s, ex-marine and war veteran Frank Castle's vigilantism is born from the horrible slaying of his wife and two children in a Central Park mob shootout. In the wake of tragedy, the Punisher emerges to seek vengeance on organized crime using any and all means at his disposal. Also appearing for the first time in this issue is the Jackal, evil alter ego of biology professor Miles Warren, introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #31. Now an associate of the Punisher, the Jackal convinces him to wage war on the webbed wonder, who he blames for the death of his secret love Gwen Stacy. The Jackal would become the main antagonist in the 90's Clone saga and the 2011 Spider-Island story line, while the Punisher would appear in multiple self-titled series, three major motion pictures, along with the cult status obtained from his portrayal in Frank Miller's acclaimed run on Daredevil. Who could have guessed that Creator Gerry Conway's original sketch of a small deaths head on his new character's chest would be brought to iconic t-shirt stardom by Gil Kane's stunning 1974 cover art. One of the most revered and iconic key issues of the Bronze Age. Hot on the tail of his recent appearance in the second season of Marvel's critical smash Netflix series, the Punisher is currently in greater demand than ever. The sky is the limit for the future of this book, one of the biggest Bronze Age comics out there.

Overstreet Guide 2019 NM- (9.2) value = $1,800.

Artists Information

Ross Andru was an American comics artist and editor. He is best known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and The Metal Men, and for having co-created The Punisher. During Andru's long career he also worked on Sgt. Rock, the Suicide Squad features in the Brave and the Bold, Rip Hunter, Time Master and Sea Devils at DC. At Marvel Andru contributed to Marvel Feature (where he drew the 1st appearance of The Defenders) and Marvel Team-Up among others.

Frank Giacoia (July 6, 1924 – February 4, 1988)[1] was an American comics artist known primarily as an inker. He sometimes worked under the name Frank Ray, Giacoia made the rounds to almost every Golden Age publisher, notably working on Flash and Batman stories, he also worked at Timely during this period. In the Silver Age Frank worked on many Jack Kirby pages, particularly in Captain America, and he also notably inked the first appearance of the Punisher in AMS #129.

Gil Kane was a Latvian-born American comics artist whose career spanned the 1940s to the 1990s and virtually every major comics company and character. Kane co-created the modern-day versions of the superheroes Green Lantern and the Atom for DC Comics, and co-created Iron Fist with Roy Thomas for Marvel Comics. He was involved in such major storylines as that of The Amazing Spider-Man #96–98, which, at the behest of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, bucked the then-prevalent Comics Code Authority to depict drug abuse, and ultimately spurred an update of the Code. Kane additionally pioneered an early graphic novel prototype, His Name Is... Savage, in 1968, and a seminal graphic novel, Blackmark, in 1971. In 1997, he was inducted into both the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame and the Harvey Award Jack Kirby Hall of Fame.

John Romita was one of the driving forces behind Marvel's Silver Age, he took up the reins on Spider-Man following the departure of Steve Ditko with issue #38. Romita's run on Spider-Man would be long and significant, introducing characters including Mary Jane Watson, The Kingpin and many others. He would be a major contributor to the entire Marvel line throughout the 1970's including designing the look of The Punisher.