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Hanna, Scott - SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN (2006) #25 Half Splash
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COMMENTS: Pg. 1; Angel Medina pencils, Scott Hanna inks; 11" x 17"
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Pg. 1; Angel Medina pencils, Scott Hanna inks; 11" x 17"

Artists Information

Scott Hanna is an inker in the comic book industry. He has worked with DC Comics and Marvel. He started his career as an inker for Eternity Comics. He then worked for DC at Detective Comics for five years, completing storylines like Knightfall; Contagion; Legacy, and Cataclysm. He the worked for Marvel Comics for almost 14 years and inked almost every major character.

Angel Medina is a comic book artist and illustrator. He began his career illustrating such titles as Berserker and Megaton at Megaton Comics. He subsequently worked for First Publishing on such titles as Dreadstar and Hammer of God in the late 1980s before working at Marvel Comics on The Incredible Hulk, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man. The artist eventually came to Image Comics and began illustrating Sam and Twitch, a spinoff of the title Spawn. Medina later illustrated Spawn itself and Kiss: Psycho Circus, based on the rock music group Kiss.