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RANGERS COMICS (1941-53) #26
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PUBLISHER: Fiction House
COMMENTS: off white pgs
classic WWII Japanese GGA paratrooper cvr
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off white pgs
classic WWII Japanese GGA paratrooper cvr

Artists Information

Joe Doolin was an illustrator for pulp magazines like Weird Tales, Air War, Thrilling Adventures, Texas Rangers and Planet Stories from the 1920s throughout the 1940s. He worked as a comic book artist for Fiction House in the 1940s, drawing features like 'Auro', 'Captain Terry Thunder', 'Crash Barker', 'Mysta of the Moon', 'Rangers of Freedom', 'Suicide Smith' and 'Simba'.

Lee Elias was a British-American comics artist. He was best known for his work on the Black Cat comic book published by Harvey Comics in the 1940s. Lee Elias left comic books after the 1954 publication of Fredric Wertham's anti-comics book Seduction of the Innocent, which used four of his Black Cat panels as examples of "depraved" comic art. In 1972, Elias came back to American comic books, working mainly on DC's various horror titles and secondary Marvel Comics titles including Power Man and The Human Fly. His last major project was The Rook series for Warren Publishing.

Lily Renée Phillips, often credited as L. Renée, Lily Renée, or Reney, is an American artist best known as one of the earliest women in the comic-book industry, beginning in the 1940s period known as the Golden Age of Comics. She escaped from Nazi-occupied Vienna to England and later New York, whereupon she found work as a penciller and inker at the comics publisher Fiction House, working on such features as "Jane Martin", "The Werewolf Hunter", "The Lost World" and "Senorita Rio".

Howard Larsen was an American comic book illustrator for EC Comics and other publishers during the 1940s and 1950s.