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Basil Wolverton - TARGET COMICS-1940 V2 #11 Interior Page
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PUBLISHER: Novelty Press
COMMENTS: Pg. 3 by Basil Wolverton; Very Rare! From the Spacehawks story "The Bullet Ship That Brought Vengeance From the Void" image size 13" x 19"
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Pg. 3 by Basil Wolverton; Very Rare! From the Spacehawks story "The Bullet Ship That Brought Vengeance From the Void" image size 13" x 19"

The name Basil Wolverton is one that brings certain impressions to the minds of comic book readers, typically disturbing images of misshapen creatures with grotesque bodies and bizarre faces, Wolverton was certainly an original and unique talent in the comic book industry. Described as a "Producer of Preposterous Pictures of Peculiar People who Prowl this Perplexing Planet," Basil has left an indelible mark on the history of comic art, most memorably for his work on Mad Magazine and his unsettling covers for Plop!, setting a standard that would be aped and admired by underground artists of the 60s and 70s as well as the independent comics of the 80s and 90s.

Before achieving cult stardom Wolverton worked steadily throughout the early days of the Golden Age where he would lend his sui generis style to the often pedestrian and amateur level art that would pad out anthology titles during the funny book explosion. There is no question that his work on this page from Target Comics v2 #11 shows an illustrator with an undeniable style all his own, fluid line work, cinematic framing, and a flair for drama are all on full display on this special piece. Golden Age Basil Wolverton art is not something one comes across often in this hobby, and we are confident that his devoted fanbase will duke it out over this amazing page at auction.

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