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John Buscema - WOLVERINE: BLOODY CHOICES (1991) #0 Interior Page
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COMMENTS: John Buscema pencils and inks; Pg. 6; 1991; image size 13" x 17"
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John Buscema pencils and inks; Pg. 6; 1991; image size 13" x 17"

Beautiful page from the Wolverine graphic novel written by Tom DeFalco. Classic Wolverine enters a bar and looks for trouble sequnce. In costume in the final panel. Pen and ink. Art is in excelllent condition. Signed by Buscema.

John Buscema had already achieved legendary status before he started his association with Wolverine, from his runs on classic Marvel titles like Silver Surfer, The Avengers and Conan the Barbarian. But with the launch of Wolverine's first solo ongoing title Buscema must have seemed an obvious choice, combining a fan favorite artist to go with the much anticipated series. This one-shot brought Buscema along to interrupt what was supposed to be a relaxing Hawaii vacation for the weary hero, disrupted by some gangsters and an oddly familiar foe.

Artist Information

'The Michelangelo of comics'. Buscema was one of the mainstays of Marvel Comics during its 1960s and 1970s heyday, best known for his run on the The Avengers and The Silver Surfer, and for over 200 stories featuring the sword-and-sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. In addition, he penciled at least one issue of nearly every major Marvel title, including long runs on two of the company's top books, Fantastic Four and Thor.