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Alex Ross - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2015) #799 Cover
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COMMENTS: Alex Ross painted Red Goblin cover; 2018; image size 12.25" x 18.5"
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Alex Ross painted Red Goblin cover; 2018; image size 12.25" x 18.5"

This piece, the Red Goblin's first cover appearance, shows the villain standing over a group of defeated Spider-Men (including Miles Morales, Silk, Agent Anti-Venom, and Clash) in this striking cover by modern master Alex Ross. This is the last cover before Marvel's historic Amazing Spider-Man #800 and Ross' art is worthy of the occasion. Ross is one of his generation's most highly regarded artists, changing the way Superhero comics are approached by both readers and creators with such classics as "Marvels" and "Kingdom Come." Gouache on board. Art is in excellent condition.

Second image is a sample image of printed cover, copy of the book not included with the artwork.

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