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DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #168
CGC FN+: 6.5
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Lew Schwartz cvr/art; classic cvr, origin of the Joker; 1st app Red Hood
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crm/ow pgs
Lew Schwartz cvr/art; classic cvr, origin of the Joker; 1st app Red Hood
The Joker has become nearly as ingrained in the modern pop vernacular as Batman. Through dozens of iterations of the character, from comic to tragic, psychotic to absurd, his origin was not revealed until over a decade after his debut. This historic issue, among the rarest of Batman keys, is a perennial favorite with legions of Joker collectors. The comic accomplishes the difficult task of making the devilish killer clown somehow more mysterious and haunting than before. The origin story presented within these pages is typical of the convoluted plot-lines of the Golden Age, but the harrowing undercurrent of the acid bath that created the Joker's terrifying smile set a legend in motion, eventually leading to the modern version of the Harlequin of Hate, and, in doing so, making this book, retroactively, into so much more than was intended at the time of its creation.
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Overstreet Guide 2019 FN+ (6.5) value = $11,825

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Artists Information

George Roussos also known under the pseudonym George Bell, was an American comic book artist best known as one of Jack Kirby's Silver Age inkers, including on landmark early issues of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four. Over five decades, he created artwork for numerous publishers, including EC Comics, and he was a staff colorist for Marvel Comics.

Win Mortimer is a Canadian comic strip/ book artist who worked for the big publishing houses during both the golden and silver age era of comics. Win mostly worked with DC but later freelanced for Marvel comics, where his most notable works include Action comics and Spidey Super Stories.