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COMMENTS: classic "Impossible cover"
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classic "Impossible cover"

A raw, de-slabbed 2.0 sold in December of 2019 for $1300.00.

Artists Information

Emmanuel "Mac" Raboy was an American comics artist best known for his comic-book work on Fawcett Comics' Captain Marvel Jr. and as the Sunday comic-strip artist of Flash Gordon for more than 20 years. Cartoonist Drew Friedman has stated, "Raboy was an expert technician with pen and brush, and his lush covers are some of the most unusually beautiful ever to grace comic books". Raboy began his art career with the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. In the 1940s he began working with the Harry A. Chesler studio of comics artists. Raboy began drawing comic books and gained fame as the illustrator for Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Green Lama. Raboy was a great admirer of Alex Raymond, and "kept a portfolio of Alex Raymond's "Flash Gordon" comics by his side for inspiration and guidance as he worked". In the spring of 1946, King Features hired Raboy to continue the Sunday page adventures of Flash Gordon, which he continued to work on until his death.

Beck was the artist most closely associated with the original Captain Marvel at Fawcett Comics, he was the main illustrator for Whiz Comics in the Golden Age while also working on Ibis the Invincible and Spy Smasher. Later in his career he specialized in Golden Age recreations, he also created the oddball Fatman and the Flying Saucer title for Milson Publications.