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Kirby/Sinnott cvr/art; birth of Franklin Richards, 1st app. of Annihilus
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ow/white pgs
Kirby/Sinnott cvr/art; birth of Franklin Richards, 1st app. of Annihilus
The Fantastic Four, dubbed Marvel’s First Family, celebrated their milestone sixth Annual special by adding one more member to their roster, Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue. Ever since their wedding (Fantastic Four Annual #3) Marvel godfathers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby knew the natural next step for the two heroes would be having a child but not before ramping up the stakes. The cosmic rays in Sue’s blood caused near fatal complications to her pregnancy, leading Reed and the rest of the team to steal the Element X from the alien conqueror Annihilus, who makes his first appearance in this issue. Originally, Stan Lee kept readers guessing whether Reed and Sue's first born would have powers and didn't even give him a name for another two years, but eventually Franklin Richards would come into his own becoming one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants. Later he would go on to become a key figure in the infamous Onslaught Saga and be featured in youth-oriented superteam titles. This sixth Annual issue would resonate with readers and fans of Marvel making them feel like part of the family that grew up with the FF as the heroes embarked in the next chapter of their lives. Aside from this comic’s sentimental value, the Negative Zone’s overlord Annihilus is also rumored to be the next “big bad” of the MCU and will assuredly place this book in high demand for investors.

Artists Information

Jack Kirby is called 'The King of Comics' for a reason, during his career that spanned six decades he gave us many of most iconic characters the medium would ever see. From his introduction of Captain America at the height of World War II it was clear he wasn't your ordinary comics artist. But it was his creative explosion at Marvel Comics in the 1960's that cemented his legacy, over a short period of time Kirby would give us The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Hulk, The X-Men, Thor, Ant-Man and Nick Fury just to name a few. Kirby would then go to DC and create his Fourth World, introducing Darkseid, Mister Miracle, The New Gods and a host of cosmic supporting players. Long live The King.

Joe Sinnott is an American comic book artist. Working primarily as an inker, Sinnott is best known for his long stint on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four, from 1965 to 1981, initially over the pencils of Jack Kirby. During his 60 years as a Marvel freelancer and then salaried artist working from home, Sinnott inked virtually every major title, with notable runs on The Avengers, The Defenders and Thor.