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CBCS NM-: 9.2
SOLD ON:  Friday, 05/22/2020 10:10 PM
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H.G Peter cvr/art; 1st app. of the Cheetah
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H.G Peter cvr/art; 1st app. of the Cheetah
And you thought modern supervillain origin stories were crazy? Check out the Cheetah, aka Priscilla Rich, a socialite and general all-around nutcase whose criminal inspiration was a split personality that manifested itself when Wonder Woman upstaged her at a charity event. Her alter ego, the Cheetah, appears as a hallucination in a damaged full-length mirror, causing the already unstable Rich to go full-on bugnuts, dress in a leopard-print leotard, and turn traitor, selling military secrets to the Axis. Told with William Moulton Marston's usual propulsive prose and illustrated by H.G. Peter's florid, hyper-surreal style, this is a neglected classic of the Golden Age, the kind of story that burned into young readers' brains and refused to let go. Later writers and artists would try to rework and re-imagine the Cheetah's origin, leaning into more mystic and fantastic realms, but the sheer unadulterated lunacy of this early gem is mighty hard to top.

Most early Wonder Woman issues fell victim to wartime paper drives, spotty distribution, and neglect from boy comic hoarders who didn't like icky girl books (and man, were they wrong). Thus, this comic is incredibly rare, maybe in the top-five-rarest Golden Age DC keys -- there are barely 75 copies on the census, and if more than 100 to 125 copies are in existence, we'd be shocked. When copies do surface, throw out the price guide.

It’s no secret that “Wonder Woman 1984” will feature the Cheetah as the villain, to be played by the inimitable Kristen Wiig, making Wonder Woman #6 an even more seriously desirable investment collectible. There is only one 9.4 on the census, making this book one of the second-highest-graded available copies known. This book is in a breathtaking state of preservation considering its vintage, with a steady spine, great colors, and clean edges, this is a highly recommended purchase, the time is right, and the condition is excellent. We fully expect this book to be one of the most heavily contested items in this auction.

Overstreet Guide 2019 NM- (9.2) value = $14,000

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